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This blog is mainly filled with Steam Powered Giraffe, the Legend of Zelda, A Monster in Paris, Steven Universe, and other small fandom thing-a-ma-dings! And now, without any further ado...~

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did they say specifically it was your blog? if so who cares like all of spg loves you and i don’t think they’re wrong yo :) mmmblock out the haters

She goes to my school and I’m the only person who looks female-ish who has a URL on their bag

Yes it was my blog she spoke about

I appreciate the SPG love but this still stings I’m sorry

Don't sweat it Meef the only thing they could come up with was "it's rlly generic" like that's bullshit what the fuck is a "generic" blog??

"it’s a pretty terrible blog tb h"

I was under the impression we were friends, what’s all this…

Did my blog suddenly become worthy after she noticed I wore a nice bow on my head?

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This is an ANGRY ASK. Probably related to how much you like yourself. How dare you do that. (this is a clever ruse to get you to post pretty gifs of yourself.)


here, have some of my favourites