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This blog is mainly filled with Steam Powered Giraffe, the Legend of Zelda, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, in regards to fandoms! I also do cosplay and art sometimes :') And now, without any further ado...~

My mom is making more and more homemade soaps of different kinds, experimenting with recipes and formulas! c: soap for the body, for acne, dry lotions, I think she was working on shampoo in a bar…

Scented like lavender, licorice, vanilla, charcoal, cooked milk, scentless…

Soaps shaped like little men, puzzle pieces, hearts, plain squares, cylinders, stars…

… Might I inquire if tumblr is still interested in a link to her etsy soap shop, The Wandering Elephant, when she begins sales? :3c

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    They look tasty and I don’t know if that worries me or not. Either way I want
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    Tbh I thought this was fudge at first
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  8. thedoctors-steampowered-hunter said: i for one am interested. Now…can i make any custom orders? custom soap scents, shapes and colors…can i do that?
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    OOOH SO COOL!!! When I have money again, I am sooo interested
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